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ReJoy is a fun intergeneration meetup platform to overcome the loneliness and embrace the value of intergeneration. 


The user age group is senior citizens (65 plus) and young students 18 to 24 years.

This is a thesis project completed in 2020. With the help of many professionals and senior centers, it has been a great learning process throughout the project. 


" I had an experience at coffeeshop two years back in New York City. One senior was having coffee and he asked me about my education and career. And he told me about his career. That moment made him smile :) This incident has happened thrice. ReJoy would be a fun platform to find someone young age to talk with."  


In New York City, one in three senior citizens- (according to the NYC Department for the Aging data 2019: 420K) lives alone. 

After the process of market analysis, I conducted research interviews with colleges' nearby senior centers (elderly people) and NYIT college students to uncover any pain points that they were experiencing with the already existed device at centers.

My research encompassed:

  • Understanding the user goals and needs

  • Uncovering pain points with the existing user journey


The surveys and interviews led to the following results:


  • 65+ years old go-to senior centers thrice a week 

  • 60 % of seniors are iPhone users and use it for phone, email and net surfing purposes

  • Love to talk and give advice to young students

  • Spend time playing bingo, reading, cooking, etc.


  • Students want reward after volunteer

  • They are willing to exchange time, value and interest with elderly two-three hours a week


  • Collaborate with the NYIT Department of Public Good for students and seniors for security

  • Design a simple and one-way interaction 

  • Give allowance to choose time to students

  • Students and seniors would share the same interest and time 


After doing the competitor analysis, user research and user needs the next step in my UX process is getting to know about the user and the user's needs.

Senior Citizen Persona

Student Persona


This is a sitemap of ReJoy application that senior users and student users to interact with. There will be a collaboration between school and nearby senior centers. For the thesis, I chose NYIT and Jasa senior center to show how ReJoy will work.

Senior User Interface Diagram 

Student User Interface Diagram 

ReJoy Application Elements

-Kiosk Application for seniors (iPad)

-NYIT Portal App for students

-Analytics of students and senior citizens




The logo is inspired by the movement of lines as it signifies your life to relive full of joy and happiness. It has high contrast colors and a bold logo to make it fun. 

PROTOTYPE (Ideation: First)

Mobile Application Design (iOS)

Kiosk Application Design (iPad kiosk mode)

PROTOTYPE (Ideation: Second)

The COVID 19 pandemic has impacted the lives of the senior citizen population in the USA. Got an opportunity to develop a web application to give the best solution of isolation for elderly and NYIT students. Collaborated with the Department of Public Goods at NYIT to proceed with the development of web applications. 

After going through the discussion and research, the conclusion led to developing the web application. The design team worked on redesigning the application on Figma. 


Senior and Student Section:

Vaishali Yadvi 



Vaishali Kriplani 

Yadvi Maheshwari 


Bahareh Saidi  

Darshan Modh 

Santhoshkumar Sampath

Brandon Treston


UI Component

Some Screens of App

Senior User Choosing Activity & Time Slots and The scheduled meeting adding to their "Meeting List"

Reminder Notification of the meeting and Share Experience with "Add Friend" Feature

Social Interaction between two generation

Help ChatBot

App to be Launched Soon!