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The Hershey Company
Research • Interaction Design• Wireframing • Prototyping • Website • Adobe Photoshop 

Improved the ingredient overview of a product on the same page after going through research on competitor's websites, user research, and design process.

Group Academic Project 2018

Choose any website, identify a problem on one page of the website, and redesign the interaction of that page. 


Each product shows "Ingredient detail" by opening new window page


After going to the product page, click the particular product and get all the information on the same page in a functional interaction


Hershey's Chocolate Bar and Ingredient presentation in circular form



After experimentation with low fidelity wireframes, and discussion with the professionals and classmates the following wireframe got finalized because of its easy use navigation of all the details of a particular product on the same page.   

The high fidelity wireframe shows the better version of this particular product to showcase the placement of images and text. 

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