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Research • Interaction Design• Wireframing • Prototyping • User Testing • iOS • Sketch 

Venmo is a peer-to-peer payment mobile app and the user age group is 16 to 29 years. This app contains a social feed component. It is sending and receiving funds among family and friends.

Team Project

Observe and identify a problem on the Venmo app, redesign the app's interaction because there were active feedbacks on Venmo, and identified some problems as interface design. 


  • Currently, Venmo’s initial screen displays social media feeds of transactions which is not the predominant aspect of the app.

  • The focus is to incorporate the feature transferring money on the initial screen.

  • The social feed will remain but considered a secondary element on the main screen.

  • The side menu features will be incorporated into the main screen design.

  • The repositioning of these elements is intended to minimize clicks and enhance the user’s experience.


TETRIS is a simple block stacker game. The solution is to arrange and fit the geometric puzzle shapes as they descend from the top. The shapes can be moved left or right to stack in color order. By providing a clear directive, users can play the game with control and the desired outcome.

HIGHWAY SIGNS conveys the message clearly by using icons, text, and color. It is easy to understand, easy identification, psychological reaction
to the brain. It has concrete symbols. 

3-LANE DIRECTION RULE Free flow (F), Synchronized flow (S), Wide moving jam (J)

MULTI-STORY CAR PARK minimum usage of space, has a direction to enter & exit and resend intension decision process




This is the final prototype developed that solves all the issues we identified at the beginning of the project. It was a great experience to learn and work in a team. 

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